2022 Reunion
Little Rock, Arkansas
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29 September through 2 October 2022
Wyndham Riverfront Hotel

Names of reunion attendees are below Rus' message
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Ken Teal

Hank Lapa

A Message from Rus Stoddard

8 October 2022

Howdy all.

I would like to thank all the SSN-725 personnel who attended the 2022 USS Helena reunion in Little Rock, AR and especially those who stepped up to volunteer for positions in the organization.

We had only two submariners who attended the 2019 reunion in San Diego, CA and nine at this reunion.

Hopefully we can keep up this attendance improvement at the next reunion tentatively scheduled for the projected decommissioning of the SSN-725 in July 2024.

I would also like to thank all the attendees who made this reunion enjoyable to attend.

As this was my second reunion, I was impressed with the fellowship and camaraderie shared by all.


Rus Stoddard President of USS Helena Organization


Reunion Attendees

Rus and Suzanne Stoddard ( SSN725 )

Jim and Cecelia McNamee ( CA75 )

Doug Graff Comella
son of S1c Kenneth Eugene Graff ( CL50 )

Harold and Charolette Barnette
son of Wallace E Barnette ( CL50 )

Gary and Diane Zimmerman ( CA75 )

Bob and Carol Stein ( CA75 )

Jerry and Ciza Fucsik ( CA75 )

Nancy Harrington
Widow of Ruggles Harrington ( CA75 )

Kenneth Teal ( CA75 )
Kenneth Teal, Jr
Guest of Kenneth Teal

Jimmy and Lisa Spells ( SSN725 )

Richard and Joanne Williams ( CA75 )

Ron Burns ( CA75 )
Beverly Lackland

Robert Arranaga ( SSN725 )

J P Braunreiter ( SSN725 )

Paul and Margo Pearson ( SSN725 )

Tim and Becky Wiese ( SSN725 )

Gerald and Delinda Woltring ( CA75 )

Connie Fort ( CA75 )
Widow of Jerry Fort ( CA75 )

Carrie Fort Ludwig
Daughter of Jerry Fort

Jim Carney ( SSN725 )

Robert and Denise Boitano
Ken McNamee
Guests of Jim McNamee

Hank Lapa, Sr, and Henny Winiarski ( CA75 )

Hank Lapa, Jr and Linda Gateau
Guests of Hank Lapa, Sr

Michael J and Media Lapa
Guests of Hank Lapa, Sr

Jason Bender ( SSN725 )

Justin Phillips ( SSN725 )

Don and Donna Nelson
Honorary Members

Joel and Carla Sizelove ( SSN725 )