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Updated 21 January 2020

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2019 Reunion

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Rus Stoddard SSN-725, President

More on Rus in the President's Corner

Jim McNamee CA-75
Past President and Senior Advisor

Jason Bender SSN-725, Vice President

Vic Brelje CA-75, Secretary

Darrell Thiessen CA-75, Treasurer

Helena Discovery

Pearl Harbor 2018

Punchbowl 2018

President's Corner


Ron Burns CA-75, Membership

Harold Barnette , Ships Store and Chaplain

Paul Pearson SSN-725, Chaplain

Verne Horton CA-75, Newsletter Editor / Publisher

2021 Reunion
The members selected Biloxi, Mobile, and Pensacola
as potential reunion sites

Date to be determined

2019 Reunion Photos

To visit the CL-50 Memorial Page :

2017 Reunion Photos

Vic's and Doug's photos are at the
USS Helena Organization site

2017 Reunion Section

Sandy's and Cecilia's
photos are on this site at

Reunion Photos Main Page

updated 3 November 2017


Videos from the 2017 Fashion Show


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